Trice Education Resources Inc.

Doris Trice, owner of Trice Education Resources, Inc. has supported Childcare Council of Greater Houston Incorporated since 2008. The agency’s mission: “Providing high quality early childhood development for families in the Houston community” enhanced her decision to support annually. She strongly believes that children are our future and must receive rich nurturing experiences during their early years to become successful.

Trice Education Resources, Inc. provides school district personnel with research-based strategies, best practices, and on-site coaching through professional development (PK-12). The goals established by each campus (administrators and staff) will effectively reach and engage all students to produce a positive impact on learning. Educating digital generation students can provide challenges for teachers, most of whom are trained in traditional broadcast learning. Also, this change may give at risk students an opportunity to exhibit their gifts for learning and reach their full learning potential.

Ms. Trice realized that young children could benefit from the use of developmentally appropriate practices in child care centers. This method will effectively challenge early learners as they embrace the learning process. This is one of the main reasons for making consistent contributions to Child Care Center of Greater Houston, Inc. each year.

Additionally, if you are interested in improving the quality of your school, staff, and academic programs, please contact Trice Education Resources, Inc. (link below). We will assist you in developing and implementing a balanced/blended curriculum, teaching an integrated curriculum, differentiating instruction to meet individual student needs and providing interactive learning opportunities for students to internalize learning. Further, we are matching new teachers with mentor teacher, and developing techniques to work together in departments, as a team, and grade/subject areas. This process will improve student academic success as measured by standardized tests and other indicators. Research supports the role that student engagement plays in the learning process. Email:

Phone: 713-249-1163